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All the Things I've Never Seen: A TST!Kaoru Playlist

THIS IS HIDEOUS. My apologies. I just had to get this up. XD I wouldn't exactly call this an FST, as I don't have download links, just Youtube links, so I'm doing what a few of my friends have done and just calling this a playlist. Please do not laugh at me.

Yes, a good chunk of the time I spent putting this together instead of tagging (I'm sorry! Dx) was put towards digging through every important thread and log for quotations to use. /shot


"...tch. Pointless."

1. Creeping Uneasiness -- Satou Naoki (canon theme)

"The ones they'd already finished and sent out weren't good enough. I thought I could do a better job myself. Besides, I wanted to see what this world was like."

2. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid -- The Offspring
With a thousand lies and a good disguise
Hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes
When you walk away, nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See 'em running for their lives

"Peace. People like peace. That's why they react like that when others are hurt or killed. [...]Then, does that mean that if everybody died, nobody would be sad?"

3. How Far We've Come -- Matchbox 20
Well, I believe it all is coming to an end
Oh, well, I guess we're gonna pretend
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we go

"Nice stories are boring and nice people are boring. Do you think the world is interesting?"

4. No More Sorrow -- Linkin Park
Are you lost in your lies?
Do you tell yourself "I don't realize"?
Your crusade's a disguise
Replace freedom with fear
You trade money for lives
I'm aware of what you've done...

"I learned to read. I learned how to use a difference engine and a radio. I learned that people usually eat lunch, and they sleep in beds instead of on the floor. Also, that people panic when a child is in danger more than when an adult is in danger, and so they get unnecessarily protective. And that 'getting into someone's pants' doesn't mean wanting to wear their pants. And that some people don't like 'freakish looks', but nobody agrees on what 'freakish looks' are. I learned the history of Reial. I learned holidays. I learned that people care about each other, although I don't know why."

5. Pure Snows -- Orito Shinji

"...I like this world."

6. Wind of Change -- Scorpions
The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

"This relationship thing is confusing. Is there anything that explains it all in detail?"

7. Fight Inside -- RED
Enemy, familiar friend
My beginning and my end
Knowing truth, whispering lies
And it hurts again

"What do you think of fate? Is it something that's absolute? Can you change it?"

8. Bring Me To Life -- Thousand Foot Krutch
And I've been wanting to break out
You helped me figure out
That I could come to life and turn this thing around

"Because it's the reason for 'Kiryuu Kaoru' to exist."

9. Unfamiliar -- The Birthday Massacre
All this meaningless direction
Feels like it pulls me away
It's hard to just forget
What they say to me

"The smiles on their faces...?"

10. Theme of Michiru and Kaoru -- Satou Naoki (canon theme)
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