What's a dream?

Oh, I have one of those!

TVK IC Contact Post
why is it the song that never ends?

This is Kiryuu Kaoru.

Leave me a message.

...why do I have to do this?"

All the Things I've Never Seen: A TST!Kaoru Playlist
level one fusion
THIS IS HIDEOUS. My apologies. I just had to get this up. XD I wouldn't exactly call this an FST, as I don't have download links, just Youtube links, so I'm doing what a few of my friends have done and just calling this a playlist. Please do not laugh at me.

Yes, a good chunk of the time I spent putting this together instead of tagging (I'm sorry! Dx) was put towards digging through every important thread and log for quotations to use. /shot

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Contact, HMD, etc.
all we ever do is sulk
The winds of daytime wrestle and fight longer and stronger than those of the night.Collapse )

(no subject)
if it's the last thing i do
*This isn't a network post, but rather, a piece of paper painfully scrawled upon by someone who could obviously barely move her hand to write. However it got out of its writer's hands, your characters may find it floating around the settlement where everyone's standing at the end of the game, moved around by the wind.*

the ground is still there
the sky is still there
even if the flowers wither
theres still ground for flowers to grow in
even if the birds fall
theres still a sky for birds to fly in
there are clouds
but the moon is still behind them
the air is still
but the wind will come back

we did it

...oh crap.
In cases like this... I should apologize. My name is DF Experiment Subject 65L. For surviving this long, I earned a codename: Windy. We all had names like that. Anyway. I like "Kiryuu Kaoru" better than either of those other names I had. Keep calling me that.

And yes, I'm a monster. I don't know what I was before that. I exist to kill and destroy whatever I'm told to. I left the facility on my own to see what the world was really like. That was how I ended up with you. You were interesting. In the end, I decided... that, even though I live only to destroy life, I myself still live, so that's... pointless. *It's almost like she's smiling, saying the word she so often overuses.*

There are more important things going on, though. I don't have all the answers you need. The oversized difference engine Hiruma looked through had a lot of things I didn't know. I do know that the others were transported from the lab and set on the damaged Badlands. I was supposed to go with them. There are two things about that that I need to say.

One. We can't let the continent be destroyed.

Two. I know I'm still hurt from the fight in the warehouse, but I can move. There's a girl my age among the experiments. She looks like me, only different. I mean, the pale skin and the way my eyes look different from any of yours.

Bright was my partner. Leave her to me.

existential crisis
I'm going. Let's just leave it at the fact that I can't stay.

Be careful. It's dangerous to wait around in one place for too long, you know.

(Kaoru won't be responding to this post, though you may thread amongst yourselves about her abrupt exit and cryptic not-warning. Anyone going to her room -- yes, she has a room, it just hasn't got a bed and she sleeps in the infirmary -- will find the three books she owns [one on Amicus, one a history of Reial, and one a sex ed textbook] and the bracelet cobbled together from bits of metal that Erika got her for Lunasa, as well as various flowers she received for Amicus drying on her desk. You may call dibs on her abandoned stuff if you wish, though some of you might be less inclined to than others.)

[public because she doesn't care~]
team destruction!
...This is terrible.

(Guess who got booze for Amicus? No, seriously.)

worst destiny ever
...Why did I stop?

I don't understand this at all.

worst destiny ever
Amicus? That's the holiday with the flowers. You tell people how you feel about them by giving them specific ones.

Why do you need to do that? I know people are always preoccupied with caring about one another or something like that, but does it need its own day?


None of this really matters. I should stop thinking about it.

As for the giant robot... its existence is pointless, so I don't care about that, either. That's natural to think.

The only one that will be destroying anything is me, after all. So that's why.

(Kaoru's still making herself scarce and trying to stay out of the event for the most part, but she doesn't see anything wrong with making a public post about something "pointless". Besides, this caring-about-other-people thing has been confusing her for months.)

prey isn't allowed to escape
You're making too much noise.


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